1) Should everyone expect to improve vision performance in ULTIMEYES at the same rate?

There are many factors that determine visual performance in ULTIMEYES including reaction time, contrast level and accuracy so the rate at which improvement is reported in ULTIMEYES varies on an individual basis.

2) What systems is ULTIMEYES® compatible with?

Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. Go to ultimeyesvision.com or your app store to get it.

3) How many sessions are required before I can track performance improvements in ULTIMEYES®?

You can track your performance changes in ULTIMEYES®. The rate of change varies on an individual basis. Improvements in ULTIMEYES® are found after completing 32 sessions while some can see higher scores in less than 16 sessions. We recommend 4 ULTIMEYES® sessions per week, for 8 weeks.

4) Should I wear glasses when using ULTIMEYES®?

Our recommendation is to use ULTIMEYES® under the viewing conditions that you want to perform best in.

5) Do I have to use ULTIMEYES® from 2ft or 5ft?

Please use ULTIMEYES® from the same distance in each of your sessions. ULTIMEYES® keeps track of your performance and since distance from the display will impact your ability to distinguish the targets changing distance will undermine performance tracking and ULTIMEYES ability to optimize the challenge. The 2ft (near) and 5ft (far) distances are standard recommendation, however, they do not change what Gabor images and distractors that you are shown. You are welcome to choose a different distance that is comfortable to you. ULTIMEYES® is best when you are using it under the conditions that are similar to the visual tasks that you regularly engage in. Thus it is reasonable to pick a distance that is consistent with your desired reading distance or the distance that you normally use your computer or mobile device.

6) Why do my eyes feel like they got a work-out?

ULTIMEYES® places demands upon your vision that might be different than the demands of your daily life. Just like the first time that you engage in any challenging activity, the first time that you use ULTIMEYES® your eyes may feel a bit tired. This will go away as using ULTIMEYES® becomes routine.

7) ) How long is each ULTIMEYES® session?

Each ULTIMEYES® sessions lasts about 25 minutes.

8) How often should I use the ULTIMEYES® program?

We recommend at least 4 ULTIMEYES® sessions per week on separate days. More than 4 sessions per week but not more than one session per day could produce larger performance gains in ULTIMEYES®.

9) What happens if I quit a session early?

If you quit a session early none of the progress from that session will be saved and next time you open ULTIMEYES® that same session will be restarted. We do not recommend quitting a session early. Each session is only 25 minutes! There is a "pause" option, if you need a quick break.

10) Why is there a calibration at the beginning of the first ULTIMEYES® session?

The calibration at the beginning of each ULTIMEYES® session enables you to set up the parameters to an appropriate level. It is important to do your best adjusting the calibration slider to optimize ULTIMEYES®.

11) What is the purpose of the assessments?

Assessments are provided on a periodic basis so that performance improvements in ULTIMEYES® can be recorded and reported to you. It's important to make 100% effort on each assessment. ULTIMEYES® graphs the performance data collected on each assessment so you can view performance changes over time.

12) Why is ULTIMEYES® becoming more challenging?

ULTIMEYES® adapts itself according to your capability. As you get more proficient with ULTIMEYES® it will increase parameters that you will find more challenging. This ensures that the regimen continually adapts to the appropriate level of challenge. Don't get frustrated. It's part of our unique method of improving performance and tracking progress in ULTIMEYES®.

13) What are the target images?

These are called Gabor images. Wikipedia Definition: Named after Dennis Gabor, a Gabor filter is a linear filter used for edge detection. Frequency and orientation representations of Gabor filters are similar to those of the human visual system.

14) Why is there sound?

Part of our patent-pending technology revolves around sound. We have found that making the user acoustically aware as well as visually aware of the target image enhances the interaction.

15) Do I need an Internet connection to use ULTIMEYES®?

You will need to be connected to the Internet to download the ULTIMEYES® program to your device. You can run the ULTIMEYES® sessions without an Internet connection, however we recommend you are connected to the Internet at least once per week.

16) Who keeps track of my ULTIMEYES® progress?

After each ULTIMEYES® session, all data will be automatically uploaded to a database. Here the ULTIMEYES® team can see all session information, monitor your progress as well as provide support and coaching. At the user's request we can also enable professionals to monitor your usage and performance data using our cloud platform.

17) Who can I contact for help with the ULTIMEYES® program?

For any questions, concerns, or problems please email [email protected]