Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the side effects of ULTIMEYES®?

    There are no known side effects from ULTIMEYES®, except better vision.

  2. How many ULTIMEYES® sessions are required to improve my vision?

    Individuals will notice improvements at different rates. Our research shows that robust improvements in vision are found after completing 32 sessions with some of the individuals noticing some improvement in less than 16 sessions. For maximum benefits we recommend 4 ULTIMEYES® sessions per week, for 8 weeks.

  3. Should I wear glasses when using ULTIMEYES®

    Our recommendation is to use ULTIMEYES® under the viewing conditions that you want to perform best in. If you want to see better with prescription lenses then wear lenses, if you want to see how well you can see without lenses you can try without. For example, some people like to attempt activities without glasses or contacts (reading, getting by around the house, some photographers, etc.) and ULTIMEYES® can help with this. However, please be aware that ULTIMEYES® does not correct the optics of your eyes. Thus your vision will be best with optical corrections (glasses, contacts, LASIK, etc.) combined with brain training.

  4. Do I have to use ULTIMEYES® from 2ft or 5ft?

    Please use ULTIMEYES® from the same distance in each of your sessions because ULTIMEYES® keeps track of your visual abilities and if you use ULTIMEYES® from different distances each time then it will not provide the correct challenge. The 2ft (near) and 5ft (far) distances are standard recommendation, however, they do not change what stimuli you are shown and you are welcome to choose a different distance if you have a good reason for this. For example, ULTIMEYES® is best when you are using it under the conditions that are similar to the daily visual tasks that you want to engage in. Thus it is reasonable to pick a distance that is consistent with your desired reading distance, or the distance that you normally use your computer.

  5. Why do my eyes feel like they got a work-out?

    ULTIMEYES® exercises your vision in a way that may be different than you experience in daily life. Thus, just like the first time that you go to the gym, the first time that you use ULTIMEYES® your eyes may feel a bit tired. This experience typically goes away by your third session as your visual system adjusts to its new work-out routine.

  6. Can I use ULTIMEYES® in lieu of glasses or retinal surgery?

    ULTIMEYES® is designed to help you do your best without glasses or visual aids however it is not a replacement for them. Your vision will be best with optical corrections (glasses, contacts, LASIK, etc.) combined with ULTIMEYES® brain training.

  7. I’m an athlete, can ULTIMEYES® improve my vision?

    Competition requires being at your best. This includes not just physical but also mental abilities. To be at the best of your game, you need to optimize your vision. Some of the benefits to vision that ULTIMEYES® delivers are especially beneficial for athletes or anyone required to perform optimally in challenging dynamic environments. Distinguishing objects against confusing backgrounds such as a ball traveling in front of a crowd in and out of light, quick identification of threats in the periphery, and responding quickly and correctly to these kinds of circumstances are just a few of the visual benefits that athletes can benefit from. ULTIMEYES® is currently in use by athletes at all levels, including collegiate to professional, in both team sports like baseball and football, and individual sports like tennis and motorsports.

  8. Why is ULTIMEYES® beneficial after LASIK or cataract surgery?

    Visual correction surgery dramatically improves the visual function of the eyes, however, to achieve the very best results, the brain needs to be taught how best to work with your new eyes. ULTIMEYES® is a cutting edge brain-training program that stimulates brain plasticity and will enable your visual processing to adapt optimally to the change in your eyes following surgery. Using ULTIMEYES® will increase your ability to distinguish objects in greater detail.

  9. How long is each ULTIMEYES® session?

    Each ULTIMEYES® sessions lasts about 25 minutes.

  10. How often should I use the ULTIMEYES® program?

    For maximum benefits we recommend 4 ULTIMEYES® sessions per week, on separate days. Doing multiple ULTIMEYES® sessions on the same day may or may not provide extra benefits, and if you choose to do extra sessions on a given day please do not count them towards our recommended 32 session routine. Also we recommend against doing multiple sessions on the same day during your first week of training. Doing more than 4 sessions per week or more than 32 sessions may provide additional benefit. Research is still pending on how different schedules impacts the benefits thay you may receive and our recommendations are based upon what has worked thus far in laboratory studies.

  11. What happens if I quit a session early?

    Quitting an ULTIMEYES® session early will not save any of your progress on your current session. The next time you open ULTIMEYES®, your last session we be restarted. We do not recommend quitting a session early, each session is only 25 minutes! There is a "pause" option, if you need a quick break.

  12. Why is there a calibration at the beginning of each ULTIMEYES® session?

    The calibration at the beginning of each ULTIMEYES® session assesses your visual abilities, and sets up the exercises to your appropriate level. It is very important to try your best at the calibration so your vision can improve.

  13. What is the purpose of the assessments?

    Assessments are provided on a periodic basis so that improvements can be measured and tracked. They also are used to determine your visual skills and the program presents additional visual challenges based upon your scores on the Contrast sensitivity Assessment. We strongly recommend doing this when given the opportunity. Increased scores reflect improved vision. ULTIMEYES® keeps track of the scores so you can keep track of your improvement. Assessment 1 ('Landolt C') measures the visual skill required to read various size fonts at various levels of contrast, while Assessment 2 (Contrast Sensitivity Function measurement) measures contrast sensitivity, which is the visual skill of distinguishing objects against a background.

  14. Why is ULTIMEYES® becoming more challenging?

    ULTIMEYES® adapts itself to your capabilities. In doing so it will set standards that you may find more challenging than previous sessions. This ensures that the program taps into your maximum capabilities, and is constantly working your brain. Don't get frustrated. It's part of our unique methods of improving your vision. Also, from a practical perspective, please make sure that your screen is free of dust and smudges, and that you keep the glare on your screen to an absolute minimum. It makes a big difference!

  15. What are the target images?

    These are called Gabor images. Studies have shown neurons in the early visual cortex of the brain respond close to optimally to Gabor patterns and these are widely considered to be the building blocks through which the brain constructs its visual perceptions. Training the brain with Gabors is a method of exercising the most basic functions of the visual system.

  16. Why is there sound?

    Part of our patent pending technology revolves around sound. We have found that making the user acoustically aware as well as visually aware of the target image enhances the interaction, thereby increasing brain functionality.

  17. Do I need an Internet connection to use ULTIMEYES®?

    You will need to be connected to the Internet to download the ULTIMEYES® program. You can run the ULTIMEYES® sessions without an Internet connection, however we recommend you are connected to the Internet at least once per week. This allows the ULTIMEYES® team to track your progress.

  18. Who keeps track of my ULTIMEYES® progress?

    After each ULTIMEYES® session, all data will be automatically uploaded to a database. Here the ULTIMEYES® team can see all session information, monitor your progress as well as provide support and coaching.

  19. Who can I contact for help with the ULTIMEYES® program?

    For any questions, concerns, or problems please email